Learn about your refrigerator filter-3

Young people drinking water outdoors and having drinking water and ice maker in the refrigerator will definitely make life easier, won't it? It provides you with crushed ice or cubic ice, plus the water is cold, so you don't have to worry about running the tap for a few seconds. The water also tastes fresh and clean, because there is a water filter in it. The water filter can provide clean and healthy water for your home. But have you noticed that the water is no longer as brittle as it was when you brought the refrigerator home? Maybe you didn't catch it at first, but as time goes on, it gradually becomes different. This slight change in taste is not related to the refrigerator, but to the filter in the refrigerator. Like any other filter, you need to change it. After changing the filter, you can restore the water to the clean, fresh and refreshing water you like.

Replace the water filter

It is necessary to know your refrigerator water filter. Different refrigerators have different refrigerator filters, so you don't want to just go out and buy any random filters. The best way to quickly ensure that you find what you want is to remove the current filter. If you open the refrigerator door and check the back of the distribution water, there is a compartment to hold your filter.

The first step is to determine whether the filter is a push or pull mechanism.

For push filters

Locate the tab on the front of the filter compartment.

Push in the tab to turn on the filter.

Push in the tab to release the latch.

Turn the filter to the right until it is released.

Pull out the old filter.

Reverse the process of the new filter.

For pull filters

Locate the tab on the filter housing.

Remove the latch by pulling the tab until the latch is released.

Turn the old filter counter clockwise until it is pulled out.

Reverse the process of installing a new filter.

When should the filter be replaced

Each filter is different, and the amount of water you use through the filter is different from that of other owners. Families with multiple children will need to change filters more frequently than you do on your own. Generally, you should change the filter every six months. If you have a large family, please be about a month earlier. This ensures that you have the cleanest, freshest water.

When you remove the old filter, now is a good time to clean up the water connection. You can use mild soap to kill any bacteria that may have formed in the past six months. After cleaning, run the filter for one minute to remove all soap from the line.