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Clean the water filter by yourself

Drinking water we like to drink the cool, clean water provided by the refrigerator filter and the relaxed and fresh taste of ice. Filtered water in refrigerators is a great way to make clean, healthy drinking water easy for families, and to keep everyone's water supply convenient. However, if the filter is not replaced, the advantages and purity of water may be lost. When the internal carbon absorbs as much pollutants as possible, the water filter needs to be replaced. If used, the water will still be pushed through the filter, but no sediment, chemicals or other harmful substances will actually be sucked out. Take a moment to consider replacing a filter that meets all your water and ice needs. Refrigerator water filters can be used in all major brands of side-by-side refrigerators, and can be installed quickly and easily in a few simple steps to make you feel good, fresh, and clean water back on track with the push of a button.

Filtration process

Refrigerator filters can reduce various pollutants found in tap water and improve overall water quality and safety. The filter is certified by NSF international and meets all standards for reducing the odor and taste of chlorine and cleaning water containing 66 pollutants, including various drugs, water-borne parasites, lead, mercury, pesticides, asbestos, industrial chemicals, cysts, molds and other impurities that may be found in the water.

It's whirlpool certified and suitable for your refrigerator, even compatible with refrigerators under 15 years old. This filter can be widely used and guaranteed to be suitable for your machine. It can replace a long series of outdated or spare refrigerator filters. It can even save you more money because it uses activated carbon technology to bring as much pure water as possible to your family. Activated carbon means that the carbon in the filter is made into a more porous structure, which makes it more effective and longer to absorb harmful substances than ordinary carbon filters. This will keep the water delicious and make the ice as clear as water. Other benefits of using filtered water include better tasting of beverages such as tea and coffee, and even cooking with filtered water can improve the taste and quality of meals.

How to install water filter

Follow these simple steps to easily install the water filter into the refrigerator:

First, make sure your water filter has a push-pull button.

For pusher

If your filter is a push label, the label is found on the front of the filter.

Press the tab to open the filter and release the latch.

Turn the filter counterclockwise to the right until it is released.

Reverse the process of installing a new filter.

For tab

For the tab, you will find the housing of the filter and remove it by finding the concave tab.

Pull the tab until the latch is released.

Turn the old filter counter clockwise by a quarter turn to the right.

Pull out the filter.

Reverse the process of installing a new filter.

In order to get fast, pure and fresh water for your family without wasting bottled water, the filter is a good choice.