Learn about your refrigerator water filter-5

Domestic clean resource water filter

The refrigerator water filter with glass water tank can effectively provide clean, clear and delicious drinking water for your home. Replace the water filter regularly. You don't have to worry about drinking dirty, bad tasting water. Filters remove unwanted contaminants from indoor drinking water and provide quality tasting water for all your beverage needs. This top refrigerator filter is a member of your kitchen and you will never regret it.

Filtration process

The filter uses a scientifically proven filtration method, using a material called activated carbon to remove unhealthy pollutants from tap water and turn it into delicious drinking water. Activated carbon is a highly porous material with very large micro surface area, which enables it to perform a large amount of adsorption. Absorption is easy to be confused with absorption, which is the process of attaching substances dissolved in water to the surface.

When the water enters the equipment after passing through the water pipe of the refrigerator, the water filtration process begins. Then, when the unfiltered water enters the cavity containing the activated carbon, the water filter starts to fill with water. When the filter moves, the force of water pressure acting on the filter will scrub the water, while the activated carbon will produce magnetic attraction to the particles in the water. Lead, chlorine, asbestos, bacteria and mold can be removed by this process, whether or not you have excess material in your water bag, so you can drink fresh or clean water for drinking or making drinks.

How to install water filter

It is easy to install the filter if you follow the simple steps below.

Find the filter container, usually in the upper right corner of the refrigerator.

Your filter will have push or pull releases. If your filter is a push label type, you can find the label on the front of the filter.

  1. Open the device by pressing the in tab. This will release the latch.
  2. Rotate the filter anticlockwise until it is released.
  3. Pull the filter straight out of the container.
  4. Reverse this process to install a replacement filter.

If your filter is of the tab type, a release will be found in the depression below the front of the filter.

  1. Remove the housing by finding and pulling out the concave tab.
  2. Continue to pull the tab until the latch is released.
  3. Then turn the filter anticlockwise by a quarter turn.
  4. Pull the filter straight out of the container.
  5. Reverse this process to install a replacement filter.

After changing the filter, you must first flush with 2 gal of water. Do not drink water used to flush the filter. Replace the filter every six months or as recommended by the manufacturer.